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CO2-Neutral Energy Solution
Skills Development
Supply Chain Management

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Skills Development

Vocational Training, done the
SWISS and GERMAN way……

Vocational Training

------- 2020-09
TSTP - Announcement! Announcement!
together we are stronger

Please take note of the latest youth training initiative.
With FLEK Swiss Consulting (Pty) Ltd you can achieve your AWS welders qualification.
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Flek Swiss is an African provider of apprenticeship training and professional skills development. Implementing training programs for apprentices, trainers, examiners and vocational education experts in Africa.

Whether you represent a company, training organization or government institution, skilled manpower is your biggest asset.

Flek Swiss offers a portfolio of skill development courses. We work with companies, training institutes, government bodies, NGOs, trainers and examiners. Our objective is to provide content and training processes tailored to individual needs.

We analyse your requirements, conduct potential demand analysis and provide you with proposals. Our experts go the extra mile to implement the best available program and technical infrastructure calibrated to the specifics of your case.

CO2-Neutral Energy Solution

Renewable Energy / The CO2-Neutral Energy Solution / Carbon-neutral generation of electricity, heating and cooling with methanol.

CO<sub>2</sub>-Neutral Energy Solution

Today, more than ever, it is important to look for alternative technologies for power generation in order to preserve our environment from pollution and depletion of resources.

Methanol M99 is a liquid, universal fuel that can replace all existing 14 fossil heating and automotive fuels in the world. Biodegradable and fully synthetic. M99 methanol is used to produce electricity as well as heating and cooling – all concurrently.

In the methanol M99, the number 99 stands for at least 99% purity. M99 has combustion properties similar to those of petrol, diesel or kerosene, but burns residue-free and clean with an almost colourless flame. M99 is biodegradable. During the combustion process, it is again broken down into its original components: the non-toxic gas CO2 and water. Methanol can already be purchased today from retailers.

The methanol industry is very economical as it can cover all conceivable applications with only one single type of fuel: for the generation of electricity, heating and cooling of buildings, cooking and mobility. M99 can power lawn mowers, leaf blowers, e-bikes, motorcycles, cars, buses, harvesters, construction machinery, and even aircrafts and ships.

Methanol offers further advantages: it does not generate secondary costs and damage (acid rain, polluted beaches due to tanker accidents, etc.) for society; it does not require catalytic converters as used in today’s piston engines and it does not need smokestacks because the waste consists only of water and the non-toxic CO2 gas. M99 does not require any hazardous additives such as benzene, currently added to petrol and diesel to improve the combustion process.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management inclusive but not limited from sourcing to inventory control at its final destination.

Supply Chain Management

We are the One-Stop-Shop to oversee the import of ABNORMAL and extreme difficult transport operation(s) from any-where to Southern Africa.

We continuously strive towards being Southern Africa’s leading integrated logistics services provider by remaining at the forefront through innovation, commitment, passion, integrity and service excellence. In doing so, we endeavour to add value to the business of our clients, and the overall growth of Concargo.

We will strengthen our market leadership position by leveraging our technology and quality of our staff to become the premier provider of Supply Chain Solutions and Value-Added Logistics Fulfillment Planning of Transportation throughout Southern, Sub-Saharan and Equatorial Africa.


We specialize in women owned businesses assisting with mentorship, empowerment, partnership, skills developments, and business development in promoting UBUNTU.


Our focus:
The business focus is to bring together women business owned companies all over Africa for the purpose of working together, sharing ideas, mentorship, and partnership.
Our other focus is to develop the women in the rural areas who have the skills but do not have access to technology used to improve their business standards.
It will also assist in upskilled existing companies to move their business to a higher level and partnering in Africa.

With a lot of women already in business, it will also establish partnerships in order to trade internationally.
Bringing coaches of different sectors of business all over Africa to encourage, inspire, and mentor business growth. This will also assist women to be independent and not depend on the government.

Skills offered:
Skills Development
Business Development
Leadership in Business
Business Partnership
Women Empowerment
Business Administration Level 4 - CODE: BA/ SN 10
Business consulting practises - CODE: BCP/ SN 20
Project management - CODE: PM / SN 30
New venture creation level- CODE: NVC/SN40
Mindfulness and Self-Awareness -CODE: MSA/SN40
Introduction to Computers- CODE: ITC/SN50
Basic counselling skills- CODE: BCS/SN60
Team building and motivation -CODE: TBM/SN70
Generate Your Business Ideas (GYB)-CODE: GYBI/SN80
Start Your Business (SYB) - CODE: SYB/SN90
Improve Your Business (IYB) -CODE IYB/SN100
Expand your Business (EYB)-CODE: EYB/SN101
National certificate in management -CODE: NCM/SN102
Contact centre
Early childhood development
Homemade therapies
Financial Literacy and bookkeeping
DIY approach - CODE: DA/DM01
Digital marketing strategy-CODE: DMS/DM02
Workshop on practical marketing- CODE: WPM/DM03
Mentorship on how we do marketing-CODE:MM/DM04
Business leadership- CODE: BL/DO10
Business development- CODE:BD/D020
Leadership talks- CODE:LT/KW001
Women mentorship- CODE: WM/KW002
Business skills-CODE:BS/KW003

Africa Developing Women in Business

South Africa


Head office contact details

Office: +27 31 301 4480
Cell: + 27 67 245 4280

Our Values

FLEK Swiss Consulting (Pty) Ltd. is a Level 1; B-BBEE contributor and is 100% BWO and 135% Procurement Recognition
We are ambition operation professionals that live to exceed expectations and breath to see ourselves and other succeed!
Diligence Solutions
Transfer Knowhow, Experience and Build TRUST
Should you have any difficult, abnormal and heavy cargo projects in Sub-Sahara Africa and require 100% B-BBEE compliance we are glad to assist you
Our forte is to support you with clients and projects that need special attention in the Supply Chain Industry in Africa i.e. Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Congo, Gabon, EG, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa etc.

About Us

General Business Activities: FLEK SWISS Consulting has been established as Project Management Consulting Company in southern and South Africa. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishments of project management in Sub-Sahara Africa. We contribute enormous value for any partner towards making South Africa a more stable, racially inclusive economy.
Company Strategy:
• Purpose: To be the most reliable partner with B-BBEE related projects, providing enhanced support, relationship and profitability, having the social and environmental interest always as priority.
• Vision: To provide best quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed partners
• Mission: To build long term relationships with our partners, customers and clients and provide exceptional services by pursuing business through commitment, enthusiasms and trust.
• Core Values: We are based on values and believe in treating our partners with respect and faith. We grow through teamwork, creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity, compliance and good business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.